Matina Foods & consultancy has very old history, it has been rooted since 1948. It was first established in the form of a restuarant by Mr. Muhammabd iqbal father of Javed Ali Sheikh. The restaurant was very successful from the begining So with the time 3 more resturants were established with the names of Ceroz, Blue Max and Food Link. Along with Restaurants, they have catered many events and got recomended at every event due to their high quality food and service. To see the recomedataion Letters Click here
We have competitive prices as compared with current market. We are speialized in Oriental foods
other than that we provide whole lot of food range like,

  • Oriental Food with Swedish Touch
  • Halal Food

Chicken Bread Roll with Lime Sauce
Delicious chicken bread roll with lime suace. We bet, you haven't experice anything like it.