"Finger Paneer Roll":
is a typical paneer dish with Paneer, Bread, Corriander, Green Chilli And garam Masala (Herbs);

"Vegitable Samosa":
is a vegitable dish made with yougrut, Lime, Garlic, Ginger and other Herbs and zafran;

"Paneer Tikka":
is a typical chicken dish with Zafran, Tikka Paste and other spices;

"Onion Pakora":
is a vegitable dish made with Onion, gramflour and mix spices;

"Paneer and Aloo Cutlet/ Punjabi Aloo Cutlets Spicy/ Plain Aloo Cutlets":
is a typical potato dish with Paneer, Allo, Mint, Corriender and spices;

"Bread Pakora":
is a meat dish made with kidney, ham, pepper and rosmary;

"Mix Veg. Masala":
is a Vegitable dish made with Mix Vegitables, oil and spices etc.;

"Paneer Jalfrezi":
is a paneer dish made with Paneer, cumin seed, onion, ginger paste etc. ;

"Aloo Gobi Masala":
is a Vegitable dish made with Cauliflower, potato, Oions, Tomato etc.

"Allo Mata Paneer Masala":
is a typical Vegitable dish with Paneer,Potatoes, Onions. Garlic cloves, etc.;

"Palak Paneer":
is a Paneer dish made with Paneer, Spinach Onions etc.;

More Fish Dishes can be made on order aswell, Please Consult us

Chicken Bread Roll with Lime Sauce
Delicious chicken bread roll with lime suace. We bet, you haven't experice anything like it.